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Female, and in a relationship.


In an effort to make the ass-hats that don't bother to read that I'm in a relationship and want to 'engage' with me romantically - as well as the stupid ass romance scammers - to maybe leave me dafaq alone - I have deleted most of my photo albums, have left about half my fan pages and I've changed my profile picture.
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At this point in my life, I've been happily in a relationship for over 2 years. I stay because frankly I like the meme's and some of the other information shared as well as the culture and climate here on BON more than I do on Facebook in a lot of cases.

I have some great friendships here that I value. If you're on my friend list, you are one of those people. Brian - my partner is fully well aware that I am on BON. I hold no secrets from him. I am NOT here to engage romantically.

Please leave me in peace to enjoy the site and the friends I've made here. Put bluntly, stop being a horn dog or scammer ass-hat.

That is all,
Sam out
A proper 'message' when you want me to accept your friend request probably does not consist of these things
1. ARE YOU READY FIREBALL - (I don't know what the asker wants to know what I am supposedly ready for. Nor do i GAF).
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2. gettin any ? - (Seriously? I guess you think you're cute with that sort of introduction oh yes, I just can't WAIT to be your friend. Honestly it's not even worth my dignifying a response. How about none of your fucking business but since you asked, yeah actually me and the boyfriend did it 4 times this past Sunday. It was rainy AF - so we stayed in bed all day. I bet you haven't been laid 4x in the past year you moron).

Sam is bitchy today
None of us know when the day might come that we suffer an accident or other illness that leaves us unable to speak – or do – for ourselves. We all like to think we are invincible and that it won’t happen to us. But – it does happen.
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A brief story. I’ve spoken before of one of my parent’s tenants – Pig Pen. But I’ve never spoken much of their other. The other tenant, I’ll just call him “G” has always been pleasant and personable – though a bit private. Though we’ve never ridden together, he rides. G never had anyone visit here and I knew of no friends or family – until recently.

On 3/27, I heard “G” start his bike – and leave. The problem is G didn’t come home that night or the next. After a couple days, I knew something was wrong. I told my parents (his landlords) it was time to call the police. They did. G was involved in a bad accident on his bike. He was in the hospital.

There is so much to this story – but making this as brief as possible. Fast forward. G has no close family. He DOES have two people though that care about his well-being. One of those people was his emergency contact BUT G left no living will, no paperwork, NO LEGAL means to designate ANYONE including that person to be ‘in charge’ and neither of these people are related to him so they have no LEGAL rights to look out for him.

Again making a long story short/leaving out a ton of detail, some ‘distant family’ has surfaced – supposedly in an attempt to ‘help’ – yet we (Me, Mom, George and his two aforementioned friends) have GOOD reason to believe this so called ‘family’ isn’t here to help – but instead for the monetary gain they can get from G while he is incapacitated – under the guise of helping. With no legal rights, we and his two friends can do only ‘so much’ to protect him during this time. (We’ve done what we can in this effort – I assure you).

My point in relaying this story though is THIS. Had G designated someone he TRUSTED to speak on his behalf, he wouldn’t now have ‘family’ potentially having the rights to his resources.

None of us know when something can happen to us. Don’t be like G. GET THIS DONE. Find someone you trust to speak on your behalf. I personally trust my own family and know I’d be fine without this in place (even though I have it done) but for people – especially like G whose family isn’t trustworthy – don’t leave this to chance. If something happens to you – your ‘next of kin’ may NOT be whom you want having access to your finances or making medical decisions for you.

For those of you who pray in whatever fashion you do, G has suffered a traumatic brain injury. We’ve no idea if or to what degree he will recover. Please pray for him.

Please feel free to share this as a reminder to others that this sort of legal paperwork is something all of us should have – regardless of our age.

Sam out
Absolutely love the Purple Passion Palace!!
Clearly spelled out - above on my profile - and continuously ignored - Send me a message with your friend request or I'll just delete the request. So if 'you' wonder why I don't accept your friend request - yeah you - the one who has sent it like 3x - um well you figure it out.

Sam out.
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