Samaya aka Fireball

Spring Hill - (About 1 hr NW of Tampa), Florida
Female, and in a relationship.

For your pleasure - You're welcome!!

Scott Steven
22 minutes ago
My wife had an accident and lead to death that's why I'm here looking for long term relationship that could lead to married

Samaya aka Fireball
22 minutes ago
Was it your fault? Did you kill your wife?

Scott Steven
20 minutes ago
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No is not my fault.....but I need to looking for another woman of my life
How long have you been single?

Samaya aka Fireball
13 minutes ago
Way too long. I'm tired of being single. It gets lonely

Scott Steven
12 minutes ago
I think we are looking for the samething

Samaya aka Fireball
11 minutes ago
What do you think about sky diving without parachutes. Or what about having ice picks placed in your eyes. Do you like that?

Scott Steven
8 minutes ago
Can you tell me little bout your personality

Samaya aka Fireball
5 minutes ago
Sure. I'm very adventurous. I like to have a lot of fun.

I like to go sky diving. I like my partner to do this without a parachute. I also like to operate a back-hoe. They're great to dig holes to bury people in. I like the beach too. Especially if you bury someone by the tide line up to their neck and then watch as they scream when the tide comes in...til the water covers them. Then they just gurgle.

What about you?
Samaya aka Fireball
24 seconds ago
Well, you're quite the guy. I think we should get married immediately. Get a big life insurance policy on you and then - we'll go sky diving. What do you say?

Scott Steven
2 minutes ago
Yes babe but we have to know each other bette

And then – I blocked him. I have to go get some stuff done. I’m riding in the morning!!
Oh welllllll will ya look at that...I just got a scammer wanting to chat with me. Stand by ....
Have a great weekend!
I probably should clarify the set backs I mentioned were not related to using - there have been NO use set-backs. I HAVE been clean for 4 years. I was NEVER a needle user. Nothing heavy, no meth, none of that. I liked fun - party drugs that made one 'social' and a want to dance and so forth. But now I just have fun without them. I love having a clear head -- and no hang-overs!!!
Happy Four Year Anniversary to me!

Four years ago today, lying in a tent, on an air-mattress (camping) - I made some major decisions that have positively impacted my life.

First, I decided that I needed to leave the toxic marriage I was in. I also made the choice to become 'clean'. Prior to this I was a sometimes recreational drug user.

It was a turning point for me and while there have been set backs here and there, the road has been mainly uphill - in a positive way.
Here scammer, scammer, scammer - I'm bored and feeling ornery, where is a scammer to toy with? LMAO!
Gee does the ass below not see my 'in a relationship' status? Nope, because he's a scammer and they just play the numbers waiting for someone to bite!

How about THIS adventure. He and I go sky-diving. He goes first - without a parachute.
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I like to be active and I tend to find the humor in life. It’s my feeling that people need adventure, laughter and passion....Let’s talk and see where life takes us..
Hi Your profile hits home with me and I like that you seem relaxed and very open. Life is to enjoy, laugh, communicate and have a connection with someone special who has a zest for life and all things in it. Like · Comment