Samaya aka Fireball

Spring Hill - (About 1 hr NW of Tampa), Florida
Female, and in a relationship.

Holy Sh*t. The moment when you see the karma boat come in on a man you were with waaaaay back when (I was 20 years old) - a man who physically abused you and broke your leg. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Feeling kind of lucky tonight that I got away with only a broken leg ....

Donald Scott, 64, being held without bond after turning himself in to police and confessing to killing his wife.
Just for fun - TBT - 1987. My brother called this my poodle hair! Haha
See you assumed something that was not the case. Ride or Die friends. That was all
Happy birthday <:o) -O _!_ sorry I am late. Hope you had a great weekend!
My precious son - Ranger 6/12/2014 - 6/23/2020
happy birthday miss sam have a great 1