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Spring Hill - (About 1 hr NW of Tampa), Florida
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I guess I also have to ask....does this meme also indicate then that Harley Riders don't know the difference between there, their and they're? OK, I love all my Harley Riding Buddies....but Honda always gets picked on - so .... OK - going back to work. Sam hangs her head (and says I'm an asshole, but she's only hanging her head so no one can see her smirk)!
Because everyone once in awhile, I purposefully break my own rule: *I* am an asshole - AND - I also ride a Honda - so ....
Hey Girl :)
Final Photos
Cherokee Falls, Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA

This has long been one of my 'Happy Places' - I've been to this park numerous times over the years, but never had the opportunity to 'ride' there as I was always in a cage. These falls cascade over the side of the canyon into a pool below. It is beautiful and were it not for the 'people' who sometimes make a racket or leave behind garbage (a pet peeve of mine) it would be peaceful and fairly undisturbed.
Hemlock Falls, Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA
The beautiful valley of Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia
Hiking the Trail down to Cherokee and Hemlock Falls in Cloudland State Park
Pictures from inside the cave - Ruby Falls (I've been here numerous times but always love going back - especially if I'm the 'tour guide' for someone who's never been. It's always fun to see a persons face who has never seen a 140 foot waterfall over 1100 feet underground!
Over-all had a great trip up to NW Georgia. A few issues with the Toyhauler - but got them ironed out. Basically, it was an issue with 'worn out' valve stems that caused tire problems. But the riding was fun, the campground was peaceful and the scenery was worth it!! Below pictures of - The Campsite: