Hello sweetheart how are you doing
Make get a great day BONners!! Got a hella fun day today first a car show, then swap meet, and then the blackberry smoke concert tonight!! Should be a blast!!
I actually do know how to dress cute!!ยก
Happy Thirsty Thursday BONner brothers and sisters!!! Party on Wayne, party on Garth! :D
Kick ass Chopper party this weekend at the campground in North Carolina.. :D
Headed to the chopper party in Crumpler North Carolina...yeeee doggies!!!
Happy Friday BONner's hope y'all all have an awesome weekend!!
Aight!! Once again, Kris/Krissy whatever the hell you are.. who wears a damn latex maids outfit ...I do not want to be your friend, you freak, why are you even on this site? can I make it any clearer? So stop fucking sending me friends request COUSIN IT!! I wear my freak flag proudly but seriously dude/dudette ..STOP.... It ain't happening, not in this lifetime, shit in one hand and spit in the other and see which fills up faster there little buddy...Is that clear enough for ya!! And grow yourself some balls while you're at it! BYE FELICIA...And.....wait for it....BOOM! MIC DROP
Mornin BONners!! Happy humpalicious day to all!! Ride safe y'all!! :-D
Ya damn Skippy!! :-D