Male, 51 years old, and single. Birthday is June 29, 1972. Looking for a backseat. Interested in females. Looking for friends or a relationship. Religious view is Spirtulist. Drinks socially. Lives in Mirfield United Kingdom. Member since December 2011. Last online today.
hi am 43 years old am looking to meet any big single goth/biker type woman.I enjoy going out with my mates for few beers I aslso enjoy reading Stephen King, James Herbert,Clive Barker novels. I Also enjoy listening to music such as Evanescence,Marilyn Manson, 69 Eyes, Him,Jean-Michel Jarre.I have 14year old Niece called Holly and an 16 year old Nephew called Harry. Ialso enjoy watching T.V. like House,C.S.I.,N.C.I.S.,Law And Order. I ALSO LIKE KINKY SEX
About Me:
Am honest,Caring,Kind
Turn Ons:
Big Goth/Punk/Rock/Biker women. Like Oral,Anal,Rimming, Watersports, BDSM,Watching Pornos, Uniforms, Leather,Rubber,Bondage mask's Tattoos, Piercings Ancient Aliens. Spanking been spanked. Weed, Short skirts,
Turn Offs:
Chavs,Christmas,Jeremy Kyle,Birds ( The Featherd Type LOL !) Bible Bashers
I enjoy watching Liverpool football club when they are on the t.v. Reading Stephen King,James Herbert Clive Barker,Dean Koontz. I Like Listening to Iron Maiden,AC/DC,Marilyn Manson,Evanescnce,Anthrax,Metalica.I Like watching Horror movies Especially Hammer Horror.Two years ago I was diagnosed with kidney cancer.which as now spread to my lungs.BUT NOT TERMINAL
I enjoy listening to Marilyn Manson,Eveanescence, Jean-Michel Jarre,Iron Maiden, Anthrax, AC\DC,69Eyes,HIM,
TV Shows:
C.S.I, N.C.I.S., Law And Order, House Grimm,The West Wing, Dr Who,The Borgias,Dr Who,Anything to do with Serial Killers,Star Trek(Original And Next Generation), Family Guy,American Dad,
It`s hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by pigeons.